Saturday, May 17, 2014

Book twenty-nine: Essex County Vol. 2, Ghost Stories by Jeff Lemire

Wow. I cannot remember ever, excepting recent Ninjago books, reading a graphic novel. I'm sure I must have but none have been properly catalogued in the old noodle so now I feel as if a new world has been opened up. What a treat!

Why did I pick up this one? What brought me to this graphic fiction above all others in the school library? This kid came into the library after having read it and told Molly that it was probably not a good book for any of the kids at school. Naturally, I was curious. What could make a youngster in fourth (fifth?) grade adamantly declare to an adult that the novel should be pulled from the shelves?

My guess at an answer after reading it: Swear words, sexual content, fighting, more swear words, and a couple of swear words.

I never did find it scary, which is what I assumed I would get when I read "ghost" in the title. But it was a really fun read. The pictures are gritty but also strangely sentimental and sweet, not a combination I would have expected. Don't be surprised to see more of these books on the count for the year. It really was a pleasure to read.

29 down plus 23 to go.

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