Monday, May 05, 2014

Teacher Appreciation Week, Day One

It's a short week so we only have four appreciation days to prepare for but we started off the week with a small token gift, which feels not so small because Hen has eight teachers throughout the week and wanted to include the other kindergarten teacher, too.

We made Thank You cards and bookmarks*, added individually wrapped Kosher snacks, and gave them each a little cash, excepting our gifts to Safranit Molly (our librarian, who got a copy of Bel Canto) and to Coach Christy (our P.E. teacher, who got a gift certificate to REI).

The goodies

Neatly packaged
So I don't forget, our list of teachers include:
Morah Celinda - Hen's primary teacher
Michael - Celinda's classroom helper
Morah Tara - the other kindergarten teacher
Morah Amalia - the Hebrew teacher
Morah Susanna - the Jewish Studies teacher
Morah Kim - the music teacher
Morah Sandi - the art teacher
Coach Christy - the P.E. teacher
Safranit Molly - the librarian

Phew. If there is a Hebrew word for coach, the kids must not have learned it yet. I picked up snack-size boxes of raisins to be included in the baskets they are putting together for the teachers later this week.

For the rest of the week, our efforts will be focused on Morah Celinda and Michael, who spend the most time with Hen. I picked up two succulents for Hen to plant this evening to take tomorrow. I hope to have him draw monsters for Wednesday. I'm still trying to figure out what gift to give on the last day. Any suggestions are welcome.

*I just made a bunch of bookmarks as prizes for the ORCA/BCCCA party Safranit Molly threw for the kids who finished reading the books on the lists. They are so easy and cute! Hen selected the paper used and I put them together. 

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