Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Naomi's in the condo!

My niece has finally made it back to Oregon for a visit. While Hen and I were there with my brother to meet Naomi at the train station, he was the one we agreed could whisk her away for the weekend. She came, I saw her just long enough to snap a few shots, and was gone.

But as of last night, she is officially a guest at the condo! We had garbanzo beans with rice and broccoli for dinner! Then Naomi and I caught a late showing of The Purge: Anarchy! Woot!

Today, we traveled to Frog Lake and spent the day enjoying the fantastic weather, beautiful view, and relaxing atmosphere. And, yes, s'mores were consumed.

Methinks Hen is quite taken with the idea of having a much older "sister" at home. Excepting the time he spent constructing a frog city out of mud with his friends, he's talking to her nearly nonstop. It's very cute. Much like how awesome his cousins, Taylor and Jackson, were when we camped with my older sister at Seal Rock a few years back, Naomi remains patient and responsive to him. There are lots of reasons why she's a great house guest but this ranks pretty high on the list.

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