Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Science: How did my soda get carbonated?

We're making our own root beer, people! 
We bought a kit and set to work.
This included a walk up to the store for supplies, following directions, creating our own root beer labels, a lot of stirring, some taste testing, pouring, bottling, and posing with our finished soda.
Or rather, what will become soda in 3-5 days when the carbonation kicks in.
It's chemistry, ya'll.
How does it work? Yeast feeds on sugar. When it consumes the sugar, it creates carbon dioxide or what is known as the fizz in your soda.
Test taste of the finished product to follow in a few days.

Do these kids look ready for science of what?

Label making #1

Label making #2

$10 root beer made by Henry

Root beer $25 made by Avery

Stirring in the root beer extract

Initial taste test

Bottling process: Funnel in action #1

Avery's homemade root beer

Bottling process: Funnel in action #2

Henry's homemade root beer

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