Wednesday, October 29, 2014

First aid kit in my bag-purse

I love the little homemade first aid kit in my previously-known-as-my-diaper-bag purse. You would not believe how many small scraps, boo-boos, ouchies, and the like have been treated, and little hearts saved, thanks to the medical goodies I carry. I try to keep it well stocked and, thanks to the return of The Walking Dead, am even including water tablets should the zombie apocalypse occur and I find myself with my previously-known-as-my-diaper-bag purse and no drinking water. (It could happen.)

What else do I keep in the bag? Here's the list…
  • Neosporin
  • iodine prep pads 
  • 4 different sizes of band-aids (lots of 'em)
  • cough drops
  • pain relievers
  • small gauze pads
  • large non-stick pads
  • scissors
  • one healthy hoohoo*

*I purchased one individual packet when I saw these at Whole Foods because how awesome is a healthy hoohoo? I have yet to use it but I think it'd probably be really great to have during the aforementioned zombie apocalypse.

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