Friday, October 10, 2014

Kiyokawa Orchards means bringing home nearly 50 pounds of apples

Since Hen had the day off from school, we took a drive out to Hood River to pick apples. Kiyokawa Orchards is the place we typically go for apples and this year they did not disappoint. A couple of the varieties we picked are found in the stores nearly year round but since they also make really good applesauce, we got them because, hey, they're still local, right? Here's what we brought home and what I'll likely do with each kind:

  1. Jonagold - applesauce
  2. Golden Delicious - applesauce
  3. Empire - applesauce
  4. Cox Orange Pippin - pie
  5. Newton Pippin - pie
  6. Mountain Rose - small batch of applesauce (the inside is pink!)
  7. Crimson Crisp - eat
  8. Liberty - eat
  9. Tsugaru - eat
We also picked up pears, two plums, and red potatoes. Sadly, they were out of freshly made apple cider. Guess we'll have to take another trip out there later this fall. 

Got apples?

Hen enjoying a mountain rose apple while amongst the pumpkins. 

The view from below.

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