Friday, October 03, 2014

Party prep, year 7

Sister-in-law Megan called me out for my lack of party preparation updates. We're doing a lot less this year because we can. The theme - reptiles. We're hosting the party at our house and having a reptile guy come to share his reptiles with the kids. Since most reptiles live in desert or semi-desert areas I finally have a good reason to take down the forest trees that have lined our dining room wall since Hen's fifth birthday party. And since the Silhouette is handy I can put up flowering cacti on the walls. Here's a look at what I've done so far...
Sample invite - I ended up changing the font because I found this font was too hard to read and appeared blurry.

Birthday banner

Decorative cacti

A peek at this year's party favors. We're making orange-scented soap with reptiles inside. (Not pictured are the snake scarves I'm currently knitting for the invitees.)

Things still left to do:
  1. either make or order cake
  2. figure out menu 
  3. rent lens
  4. construct photo booth (very simple, kids will have a chance to wear chameleon goggles)
  5. make yarn poofs and string around dining room
  6. create balloon game
  7. wrap presents

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