Saturday, March 07, 2015

Book fifteen: Florence Gordon by Brian Morton

Florence is an aging feminist who sits down to write her memoir. That's all I should tell you as the way the rest of the story unfolds is a joy. Apparently I really like reading about the antics of an old woman not afraid to speak her mind.

Here's a short snippet:
One of the things she'd ever read by Florence was an article about women's friendships. Florence wrote it in the 1970s, in the early years of her career. Florence had pretty much made the case that the term "women's friendship" was redundant, because only women really knew what friendship was. Men, from what Emily remembered, were described as being roughly on the level of apes or moose: they could stand around and grunt together, or they compare antler size, but they could never experience, to the degree women could, the pleasures of sympathy and compassion and conversation.

15 down plus 37 to go.

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