Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Darr's C++ meeting

Here's how Hen and I stay busy while Darr's out late at a meeting for smart computer folk:

throw the football around - check
visit the frog pond - check
Hen reads to me - check
I read to Hen - check
Hen showers - check
dinner - check
I read to Hen again - check
Hen summarizes the story read for the BCCCA party at school - check
cuddles on the gigantic beanbag - check
Hen to sleep - check
beer and a bubble bath for mom - check

More of the same tomorrow night when Darr connects with co-workers from his previous job.

Side note: While tossing the (faux) pigskin around, Hen and I came up with an idea to lobby for the creation of a park near our building. The land was taken by the county for the bridge and is currently being used to house supplies and vehicles associated with the bridge work. Once it's completed, it'd be so awesome to have the land turned into a small park. Maybe a local artist could make small versions of the old bridge into cool bike racks? We could see if any food carts want to come during the summer months, maybe put in a basketball hoop (or four). Heck, just seeing grass instead of an empty old parking lot would be amazing! Our letter writing campaign will begin soon. Oh yes, it will.

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