Sunday, March 29, 2015

Sunday morning

Hen is wearing bug pajama bottoms and a gray pajama top. He isn't wearing any socks and the hair on the back of his head is still crazy from sleep and lack of a good combing. He's thoughtfully coloring Pokémon Shrinky Dinks at the coffee table in the living room to add to his already extensive collection of characters.

His coloring is surprisingly athletic. He stands, he sits, he pats his bottom with one of the colored pencils he holds in his hand. He sharpens a pencil that has become dull and runs to turn on the oven. He knows how to turn the oven on but has never done it without being asked. Now he kneels.

It is cold outside, but the sky is blue and the sun is hitting the very tippy top of the townhomes in front of our building. There are no leaves on the trees that line the sidewalk.

The oven beeps. It is now at the correct temperature for shrinking. Mamoe the cat is sitting on her perch watching outside happenings. Papa is still asleep. We already fed Fall Leaf the fish.

Hen has a Pokémon book open so he can see what colors to use. As he colors the book flips a few pages. He doesn't notice this until the next time he consults it. The change brings him up short. "Hey," Hen says. "Who did that?"

This is our Sunday morning.

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