Monday, April 27, 2015

Book twenty-five: Gone Fishing, a Novel in Verse by Tamara Will Wissinger

The first book of the 2016 BCCCA nominees. Here's Hen's summary:

Well, here's where his summary will go once we check the book out again and reread it.

Also, here will be where we put Hen's own list poem.

25 down plus 27 to.

update / 3 April 2016 And here's the review, along with a poem I made Hen compose because shouldn't all kids be forced to write poems?

This book is a ton of poems about fishing stuff and going fishing. Right when Sam and his dad are going to go fishing Lucy butts in and says, “Hey, can I go to?” And dad says, “I guess so.” Sam feels terrible and he says, “Well, she stole my fishing gear, she should just stay right here.”

Henry’s poem:
and shin guards, too.

Not all I do.

On the pitch
with my friends,

Scoring goals.
We got ten.

Would you vote for this book? No.

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