Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Book thirty-four: Nightbird by Alice Hoffman

I'm an Alice Hoffman fan so when I saw a book of hers in the children's section I wasn't going to miss the opportunity to read it. I'm glad I didn't. This book is an enchanting read. 200 years ago, a witch curses the family of the boy who broke her heart. Ever since, boys in the Fowler family have been born with wings.

Twig and her mom are nearly reclusive, never forging friendships or having people over. Twig's brother, James, is hidden from all human eyes. Until something happens that changes everything. Can the witch's curse be undone? Will the townsfolk learn of James' existence? Who has been stealing stuff from the townsfolk? Will the woods be saved?

34 down plus 18 to go.

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