Thursday, May 07, 2015

The yute has asked for a Doctor Who party

Which means I am knitting a very long scarf.

Party ideas:
Turn front door into a blue phone booth
Construct a tunnel for the kids to pass through to enter the party (maybe?)
Build your own sonic screwdriver craft for kids 
Build your own dalek craft for kids
Select appropriate episode for viewing (Darren)
Concession stand - Needs new signs
Knit adiposes (possible party favor)
Buy Weeping Angel vinyl sticker for bathroom mirror
Create centerpiece for table inspired by inside of tardis
Future Whovian t-shirts (possible party favor)
Make felt red bow ties (possible party favor)
Lego tardis (possible party favor)
Doctor Who Mad Libs (possible party favor)
Create backdrop for photo booth
Order Doctor Who cookies (possible party favor)
Perler Doctor Who craft for kids
Doctor Who bookmark (possible party favor)
Create your own black cube (craft)
Design ribbon tube game
Party in park (is that possible?)
Sleepover (maybe this year?)

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