Friday, July 24, 2015

Book forty-six: See How Small by Scott Blackwood

Meh. I really liked some parts of the story but it was so disjointed I couldn't get a handle on the specific characters. This speaks to my inability to carve large amounts of time out to read large passages rather than small segments whenever I have a free second more than the author's inability to tell a good story. Since I'm usually reading when my attention is focused on more than just the book in front of me - like when Hen's swimming and my eyes continually check the pool to find out where he is at and if he appears in distress* - I kept plugging along even though I often found myself asking which character was which and how they were connected with the overall tragedy. Perhaps I'll try this one again someday when Hen is out of the house and I am able to make time to enjoy it. Because those parts I did like, I really liked. There's no doubt Blackwood can spin a yarn.

46 down plus 6 to go. Woohoo!

*Don't panic and label me a bad mama. This is at the community pool where there are between 7 and 13 lifeguards on duty so I feel it's okay not to watch my boy every second. 

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