Monday, August 10, 2015

Trackers Camp: Junior Archery Adventure

A little boy named Hen was super excited for camp this morning. Well, he was after we managed to get him out of bed, dressed with teeth brushed, and his lunch packed. (This kid takes work sometimes.) But once all that was done, he was excited. This is our third year doing a week of Trackers camp. It's fabulous! Hen is doing the Junior Archery Adventure week with his preschool bud, Elliot. Here's the camp overview: Develop the foundations in the art of the bow and arrow. Train with our handcrafted traditional wood bows and modern recurves. Play fun archery games at the range and beyond.

It should be fun! Hen really wanted to be able to blend in for the stealth bow games they'll play this week. I have been tasked with buying a camo shirt today to go with his camo shorts.

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