Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Book twenty-eight: Pretty Is by Maggie Mitchell

Two twelve-year old girls are abducted and live for six weeks of summer in a remote cabin in Connecticut. Unable to go out during the day lest they be seen, they are kept inside but given games and toys and books to use to help pass the time. At night, they are allowed to play outdoors. Both girls, somewhat dissatisfied with their home lives find themselves oddly okay with having been taken, and left wanting to please the enigmatic and oddly compassionate man who took them. Nothing happens to them as the days pass.

Mitchell's novel bounces back between the abduction summer and the present, where the girls who are now women are left with lives still complicated by the secrets they hold from that summer.

I really enjoyed this book. I found my reactions to certain events surprising. And I had not anticipated some things I won't mention here in case anyone else is interested in reading it.

28 down plus 24 to go.

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