Sunday, April 03, 2016



Some say more books than we've ever had before! 

Books! Books! Books! 

The PJA Used Book Sale is (almost) on. The aerial shot below is of the setup after all the minions, myself included, came to haul boxes around to the correct area for the given genre and then unpack them all. My corner of self-proclaimed expertise is the children's books. I didn't spend too much time arranging the Young Adult fiction because they are able to sift through the selection themselves, but I did try to get the chapter books for the younger kids in a form of chaotic order by series when there were enough to warrant doing so. It doesn't really matter because once the doors open it's all going to get shuffled and mixed around and, well, destroyed, but it made me feel good to leave it pretty for the first customers who arrive. All that took about six hours. We had a ton of volunteer parents and kids and there were donuts and water because we gots to keep the troops moving, right? 

My favorite things about this sale are almost too many to list but I'm going to try anyway: 
  1. I'm able to restock my home supply with books for cheap ($1 for kids' books, $2 for everything else)
  2. the selection is always fantastic (meaning you are guaranteed to find something you'll like)
  3. working with the UBS crew is awesome (seriously, we have the best committee ever and it's all spearheaded by the fantastically awesome Safranit Molly and the amazing Ms. Alison R. who spends far too much time coordinating and arranging the whole affair)
  4. there is an opportunity to find truly amazing rare pieces (Oscar Wilde, Hemingway, Faulkner - yes, please!)
  5. it raises money for our school library (woot!)
  6. the kids get to come in and nab a free book 
  7. our customers love books as much as we do
photo credit: Safranit Molly, librarian extraordinaire
I'll be working the sale today, tomorrow, and Tuesday. This means, of course, that I'll be able to pick a few more books.

In the event you live in the area, enjoy a good book sale, and would like to come, here's the information you need to know:

Where: MJCC @ 6651 SW Capitol Hwy, Portland
When: Today (Sunday) from 1-5pm, Monday and Tuesday 8am - 7pm
Stuff you should know: Bargain Tuesday means all books are $1 and after 4pm you can fill a regular sized shopping bag for a set amount*. (One year I crammed in 30 books. True story.)

*I think it's $10 but need to confirm that. 

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