Monday, May 09, 2016

Adventures in haircuts, Henry Finn edition

The yute hasn't had too many haircuts in his 8 year old life but yesterday Hen finally decided a cut was necessary. A few too many people mistook him for a girl when we were out on our spring break adventure and it began to bother him. Hen was polite about it but I did catch him muttering, "I'm a boy," under his breath a number of times. With a nickname like Hen and long hair with enviable natural highlights, well, you can't really fault folks for the mistaken gender identity.

There are surprisingly few salons open on Mother's Day but we found one after trying three other locations in the area. So, if you're ever in the need on Mother's Day and close to Sellwood, try Bishops. They're probably open. 

Of course there were pictures…
iPod shot - hence the quality or lack thereof

another poor quality iPod shot

Later with a wardrobe change, better lighting, and the old DSLR

I expect I'll hear ZZ Top's Sharped Dress Man in my head for a few days every time I look at the lad until I get used to his more mature hairstyle. I am a bit curious to know why the stylist chose to part his hair against the natural cowlick. His hairs are already protesting the change and refusing to stay where she put them.

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