Monday, July 25, 2016

Rest in peace, Fall Leaf

You were a good fish.

Today, we noticed our little finny friend was no longer peacefully swimming in the bowl.

Fall Leaf died after spending approximately three and a half years with our family at the condo. Fall Leaf was a good fish who never caused any trouble and enjoyed hanging out amongst the plastic foliage in his bowl. Fall Leaf was happiest after the bowl was cleaned, swimming enthusiastically through the fresh water and occasionally surfacing to give us a little fish greeting.

Fall Leaf's funeral was attended by many in the condo, including his fresh water and sea water friends, some LEGO folks, Henry Finn, and me. Both Hen and I spoke briefly before sending Fall Leaf on his way as we listened to "Keg on My Coffin" by The Push Stars. It was a moving tribute to a great pet.

Rest in peace, Fall Leaf.

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