Monday, June 26, 2017

Post editing

Hen's not as good about standing still for pictures as he used to be. I can't say I blame him since I take A LOT of pictures of the lad, but it does mean that to get the photo I often point and shoot without having time to adjust the settings. So I end up fixing things in Lightroom. It doesn't take long and it offers me to take a not-so-good shot and make it into a good one. The one below was taken during a recent playdate with Hen's best friend, Eliav. It was far too dark and the white balance was off - sometimes the auto white balance doesn't do a great job - but I was able to rescue the picture. What I couldn't fix was Eliav's lack of a smile. (It seems he's done with moms taking pictures, too.) I did learn how to work on the eyes specifically, which I was having trouble with before so that's another takeaway with spending time editing.

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