Thursday, July 13, 2017

Summer camp is rapidly approaching!

Hen is going to his first sleep-away summer camp on Monday. He'll be gone for 7 days. Luckily, another mom told me about sending care packages a few weeks ago so I've been buying a few small items to stick in it. While we aren't able to send food items, small toys and books and other fun stuff are acceptable. Here's what Hen's getting with a pic of the homemade and hastily crafted postcard, too. The camp handbook advised not talking about how much you miss your child and how anxious you are for your kid's return so I talked about something I knew Hen would find funny - farts. More specifically, farts from the cat and his papa so...the likelihood is high that he'll laugh at that.
paper airplanes, pre-addressed and stamped postcards (for writing to mama and papa), two books (Spiderman and Choose Your Own Adventure), Mad Libs, green pen, emoji plush toy, silly putty, marbles, fart whistle, and a spinner

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