Sunday, July 15, 2007

Only six more days...

until the final Harry Potter book arrives. I pre-ordered the book from Amazon eons ago and recently received the confirmation e-mail that the book will be delivered the day it hits stores. If it is anything like the last time we pre-ordered an H.P. book, there will be a knock on the door around 10am and I'll hear a thud outside as the UPS guy drops the book off at our door. Darr or myself (or both of us) will bolt from bed to the door to grab the book before any evil neighbor can get her/his paws on it. I usually shout a quick "thank you!" before disappearing back inside our condo. Then it'll be back to bed where we'll stay the remainder of the day reading the book to each other. Quality time doesn't get any better than this.

To prep for the day, Darr and I went Friday night and saw the fifth movie (I'm rereading the book by myself as well as I forgot many of the details) and we finished reading the sixth book out loud last week. Now we are working our way through the first four movies, a task I expect we'll complete by Wednesday if not sooner. It's all very exciting.

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Jen said...

Woooohooo! I am falling far behind in my get-ready scheme. I saw the movie on Friday night. I am most of the way through the 4th book, and I think I need to reread the Order of the Phoenix even though I saw the movie... I felt sure they left some important stuff out when I saw the movie but couldn't remember just what. That will never do. Crap, that leaves me 5 days to plow through 2000 pages. Good thing the type is big ;)
We'll have to get together for dinner *again* next week to dish ;)