Saturday, July 21, 2007

Should be here any minute now

No, not the R.A., the final Harry Potter book. After falling asleep before we could walk up to our local bookshop, the Looking Glass Bookstore, at midnight to buy the book (yes, we already pre-ordered the book and are expecting it to arrive early this morning but, um, well, we're impatient, and also we got caught up in the hype) we are now both awake and wondering what we should do until we hear the thud as the book is dropped outside the door. All preparations have been made for today, including our menu which is quite tasty, I must say.
  • Breakfast: tea and homemade scones with fresh blackberries (hand-picked by Darr yesterday)
  • Lunch: lamb chops with baked potatoes and sautéed chard (from our farm share)
  • Dinner: Spaghetti with pesto and lettuce and tomato salad (drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with sea salt and pepper since Darr doesn't really care for salad dressings and I avoid them like the plague)
  • Dessert: Banana cake with cream cheese frosting (yum!) and a tall glass o' milk
  • Snacks: Cheezies, popcorn, nectarines, cherries, grapes, various Cadbury and Hershey goodies (that we brought back with us on our last trip to downtown Canada - Mr. Big, Caramilk, Eat-More, etc.), and a variety of beverages
We reserve the right, of course, to order pizza or hit Wong's King for some Chinese takeout. Who knows how much we're going to feel like cooking once we've settled into bed and started reading. Time to start the search for the scone recipe.


Cathy said...

We're waiting to, though we don't have plans to read it all day. I'm going to have to figure out how to read while I nurse...

B. E. Busby said...

So, did the fabled tome arrive in a timely fashion? Mine got drop-shipped from Nevada and arrived around 1530 today.

I've managed to get through about 1/2, given interruptions like a very nice dinner party. Betty, I think, is faintly amused to watch me launching the dog's tennis ball with a foot from the recliner's footrest over and over while trying to read.

We'll probably try letting T-dog go nuts at the dog park (he has a reputation now) for 2, mebbe 3 hours while I sits and reads (sometime I jes' sits) and see if he ever gets tired enough to stop playing with the 4-leg crowd and checks up on his familial 2-legs.

B. E. Busby said...

I can now follow this up -- it took T-dog only an hour (it's warm hereabouts) to surrender and head home. Poor bugger was panting something fierce even after swalling a LOT of water before the ride home. Good news is, no dog horking due to the heat and water effects.

He was back to pestering me to play ball in an hour. Got back from the gym and read the last 50 pages.