Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The big freeze

The globe is warming but here at Life at the condo we're freezing. Part of this is because the weather outside is hot and humid and I am almost eight months pregnant. If the temperature inside isn't kept at a nice steady 72 degrees Fahrenheit or cooler, I'm sweating and considerably uncomfortable. But part is that I am actually busy freezing meals that we can consume after the Resident Alien arrives. The Food Saver is a most excellent tool for this. So far we've got chicken noodle soup, pesto (16 servings!), pasta all'Amatriciana (the sauce), beef stew, and chocolate cookies with peanut butter chips. The search is on for more freezer-safe meals that I can prepare now and reheat for dinner later. I'm hoping for more beets from Luscher Farm this week so I have an excuse to make another batch of borsch.

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Jen said...

my personal favorite is little tiny burritos :) I mix together shredded chicken, salsa, green onions and cumin in a bowl, and then on a flat tortilla, put in black beans, jalepeno jack, the chicken, and some chopped red bell pepper if I'm feeling fancy. Fold over the edges and then the other edges to make a little square. Then I put 'em in individual ziploc baggies in the freezer, they stack well. If you're starving you can just grab one, nuke, and two minutes later... burrito! :)