Saturday, August 25, 2007

Vote: What to buy?

Here are a few changing tables we've found that we are considering purchasing for the R.A.'s room. As much as we'd like the little fella to arrive diaper-need free, we hear he won't come that way and that soon after delivery he'll be running through 8 to 10 diapers a day. A day! That's one 24-hour period, folks. Feel free to share your thoughts. It should be noted that the tables are uploaded in no particular order of preference.
by TrueModern
(Clean lines, functional, and has the ability to convert to a regular dresser. Could probably use this until the kid becomes a teenager.)

by Target
(Inexpensive and functional but would probably be donated once the kid is out of diapers. Downside - no drawers, which means the hands of a toddler could easily decimate any attempt to organize the diaper changing necessities.)
by Tetra2
(Nice modern piece that could later be converted into a hallway table but has an outrageous price tag. Has an additional charge for the changing tray that sits on top.)

by Cub Station
(Simple construction and reasonably priced. Could probably use this until the kid becomes a teenager.)

by Stokke
(Functional, reasonably priced, and can be converted into bedroom shelves. With additional purchase, can be made into a desk, which could have this piece lasting all the way through college, slated to begin in 2025. Only downside - no drawers. Same worry regarding busy toddler hands applies.)

by IoLine
(Unique and semi-functional trunk that would require kneeling when changing the R.A.'s diaper. Could later be converted into a toy chest and bench. Upside - made from bamboo so it's the eco-friendliest piece in the bunch.)

by Oeuf
(Inexpensive and sparse. Could only use until the kid was out of diapers. Downside - no drawers would require placement next to something that would hold the necessary diaper changing accoutrements.)

by NurseryWorks
(Cute and has plenty of space but is fairly expensive. Would need to sell or place in storage once the R.A. is out of diapers.)


B. E. Busby said...

Ugh, the Nursery Works thing looks like a Xerox copier on a wooden clog. Nasty shock for the visual cortex in the morning. The Cub station looks like cubicle-dweller furniture.

Tetra 2 has a VERY "Moderne" look that might be worth the bucks if aby others of RA's furniture has a sort of Mondrian look. Best of the bunch was the first item, the "TrueModern" for my eyes. Simple and functional, not offensive to the occular system.

My vote: TrueModern, backup, Tetra 2 (although that name just sounds like tropical fish or a military operation code name).

Cathy said...

I like two.
The first one, by True Modern (because it's most like a dresser) And the one you would have to kneel to change him - that one just looks good- but you could just as easily change him on the floor, so I think the first one is my favorite.
There's really no need to buy something special to change diapers with. Just use a dresser, buy a changing pad, and secure it to the dresser. You can store all the stuff in one of the drawers - or on a shelf near the dresser. Or in a basket right on top of the dresser. I highly advise against the ones without're right about the toddler hands getting into things. All those nicely placed baskets and lined up diapers would not stay that way at all. Even before the RA is a toddler, would you really be able to keep those open shelves looking nice all the time...or wouldn't it be easier to just hide it all in a drawer?? (By the way...I love the car seat you picked out - very fun. Liam and Quinn both used one that was handed down from my neice...old, brown, and boring, but free!)

Cathy said... more thing about the kneeling one...would you really want to kneel in the middle of the night to change a diaper? It might be a good second piece to put in the living room. Hmmm...I really like it, but not because it's practical...

Noodle said...

My first question is... what room are you putting it in? We have the Target contraption in the bathroom which works great but if you're putting it in the bedroom I would say no to all the changing table only ones. by IoLine
The true modern looks all right and I like the one by IoLine too but the kneeling would drive me insane.

christie said...

Changing tables only are likely to end up in the master bath. Dressers with changing tables would most likely go in the R.A.'s room.

betty said...

Well, I would also choose having drawers over not having them. Aside from busy toddler hands, life can get messy, and drawers will hide a multitude of sins.

I love the look of the Tetra2, but it's probably not worth the price. So, I would go for the TrueModern.

The CubStation looks like a kitchen cart, and the NuseryWorks looks like it belongs in a doctor's office.