Saturday, August 25, 2007

Now our baby can motor, too

This morning Darr and I grabbed breakfast at Zell's - Darr had Salmon Benedict and I had a German pancake with berries and peaches - and then dropped by Stereotypes Audio so Darr could ogle the equipment and gab (for what seemed like hours to me) with the owner about what would and would not work for our current residence. After a good seven years of solid service, it's time to upgrade the old Sony 27" t.v. I fell for this totally awesome iPod player called the Fatman iTube.
I know. I know. It belongs in a bachelor pad but you have to admit it is stylish in a way that is vastly superior to other iPod players like the iHome line, although the iH14D Table Radio they make is cute and about $930 cheaper so... do we really have the option to buy the Fatman iTube Valve Dock with the price of college tuition for the R.A. in 2025 hanging over our heads? (Answer: No.) Since our purpose for leaving the condo this morning was to make it out to Segal's to purchase a car seat for the Resident Alien, we left the store without opening our wallets. Our visit to Segal's went like this:
  1. Enter store
  2. Turn right and proceed to the car seat area
  3. Commence search for the Graco SnugRide (which we erroneously believed was our only real option for the Mini)
  4. Spot the Peg Perégo in orange and black and gravitate toward it
  5. Respond to a salesperson asking if we need assistance
  6. Inquire if the Peg Perégo will fit in our car
  7. Learn that it will fit and that this model has higher side impact ratings than the Graco (score!)
  8. Advise the salesperson we'll take it
  9. Accept help from a qualified person to install the base in Sophie
  10. Purchase the car seat
Success. Next on the 'To Buy' list, the crib. The search for a changing table begins now. Here's a pic of Darr, who seems surprisingly happy for someone who just shelled out over $200 for a seat the kid is only going to use for about a year. (Methinks he might be a wee bit excited about the baby. And no, I didn't ask him to pose for this shot, he did it of his own accord.)


Megan said...

One more thing off of the list! It looks great, love the colors! Love the shot of Darren...of course he's happy for baby! :)

Noodle said...

We have the same one (in a different color). We love it. You'll love it (as much as you can love the carseat..)

christie said...

Of course you have the same one. Why wouldn't you go and buy everything that we might possibly want to get for our baby FIRST? Son of a bitch. <insert shaking head here> I guess I'll just tuck tail and go get the Volvo and Darr will get the Audi.