Thursday, August 30, 2007

Not your ordinary laundry day

Today I laundered my first four loads of baby clothing. Four loads. For our baby. Our baby that will soon be here to wear said clothing. This was not an ordinary laundry day.


Cathy said...

I love baby laundry - the smell and the tinyness of it all.
Great picture.

Elizabeth Prata said...

4 loads...not an ordinary day...but it soon will be! ;)

christie said...

I imagine I'll be doing laundry daily once the R.A. is here.

I hear conflicting advice like "Don't buy too much, they grow out of stuff quickly." (I know this is true particularly in the beginning.) But I also have peope telling me to "Make sure you have backup clothes in case they spit up." So I guess my question would be how much is too much? Luckily we've got a consignment shop just up the street. In the event the little bugger does grow fast, we can take the new/rarely used pieces there and try to earn some money back to buy larger clothes. :)