Friday, September 21, 2007

ETD May 2008

Last week we put a deposit down to get on the waiting list for the Mini Clubman. Here are a few pics of the car. Check out all of that room.


Elizabeth Prata said...

congratulations! It looks like a great vehicle!

Dave said...

Holy cow, that's gorgeous. I'd be afraid to commit to getting two kids in/out a single door.

christie said...

Hi Elizabeth,

Thanks! If it is anything like it's predecessor, we expect it to be most fabulous. Mini sent e-mail postcards to update expectant owners during the building of their cars the first time we bought a Mini, a practice I'm hoping they continue with the Clubman so I can share on the blog. But this won't begin to we can officially place the order until early next spring after they set the prices for the vehicle and the various option packages.

christie said...

Hi Dave!

Thanks for visiting. I love your blog. :)

I hadn't thought of the work it will require to get two kids into and out of the back with the tiny suicide door because we're still concentrating on welcoming the first one. The second one is at least three to four years down the road.

Expect more car updates once we actually place the order.