Monday, September 03, 2007

From a Buick 8

This book gets a rating of 4. It has been awhile since I dove into a Stephen King book. I like his stuff. It's entertaining. But I tend to think of it as less so when his story revolves around an old American vehicle. I don't care about Buicks. I don't care about enigmatic Buicks that spit out otherworldly creatures and then sucks humans into it. That being said, King does weave a good tale and I was able to hang on until the end. Hell, I might even recommend this book to someone looking for something to read.

So, what's it about? Storytelling - as the book focuses on "Then" and "Now" chapters where various characters dig into the past to explain as much as is possible about the goings-on in Shed B to one young kid named Ned. It is about camaraderie amongst a troop of state policemen who find this mysterious car and want to learn its secrets. It is about loss and acceptance.

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