Wednesday, September 05, 2007

It's bright in this here condo

The painters have landed and with them paint for the condo walls. Our color of choice for the rooms being repainted (two bedrooms and the living room) is called Whip. It's your basic off-white white color. (Maybe ivory?) There is a touch of yellow but it's so faint you almost miss it. Man alive, does the color brighten up the place when compared to the dark purple and charcoal colors we used to have. The cool thing is that we'll be able to start piecing together the Resident Alien's room once it dries. We'll put the shelves back up, hang the artwork, and get the flooring installed. (Note to self: Buy flooring. Cork versus wood, anybody want to weigh in?) I'm looking forward to breaking out the rug we bought and finding the best possible placement for the lil' guys bouncy cow. Perhaps now I'll find the motivation to post an ad on craigslist to get rid of all of the extraneous pieces of furniture that are currently clogging up our dining room.


B. E. Busby said...

Even I, possessor of many cheap bones, like the bouncy cow, for some strange reason involving childhood resonance, perhaps.

Also really like the new blog-banner -- less Hendrix, more Flower Power.

christie said...

Thanks. I'd happily steal the credit for it but all I did was search for "summer" on, select, and pay for it. Darr is the one who cropped it to the right size and uploaded it to our blog. I really should invest in Photoshop (or the cheaper Photoshop Elements) for my Mac.