Thursday, September 06, 2007

Inappropriate Blog Entry: Massaging the what?

Disclaimer: This blog entry contains subject matter that may be offensive. Consider yourself forewarned.

Because I'm still awake, let's talk about perineal massage. I'm almost into my 35th week of pregnancy and apparently this is something I'm supposed to be doing to help prevent lacerations or the need for an episiotomy. (Yikes. Cutting or tearing anywhere near that particular region scares the bejesus out of me.) Oh great. <insert sarcasm here> Darr can help. At least he can according to the folks at the American Pregnancy Association, although (Zeus bless them) they are quick to point out "...this is not a sexual thing, but an exercise that can help make her labor easier."

What's happening with the R.A.? The lil' guy is closing in on 5 lbs and is beginning to fill out with the formation of fat under his skin. This will help regulate his temperature when he lands outside planet Womb onto Earth. His central nervous system and lungs are coming along nicely and he's got an excellent shot of surviving should he decide to come a little early.

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