Thursday, September 27, 2007

To do - Thursday, September 27

buy cat litter
clean cat box
scrub floors
clean kitchen counters
organize kitchen cabinets (liquor and baking/cooking supplies to start)
wash car
vacuum car
apply Apple sticker to car window
purchase plastic storage bins
place superfluous crap in dining room in storage bins
ask Darr to remove filled bins to storage room downstairs
pick up vegetables
take Beauty the wonder dog to park
drop off donation at Goodwill
finish writing 'Thank You' cards
create phone tree
pack bag for hospital

To Do Progress Update 12:35pm:
Went to Kaady car wash, am advised they can't guarantee the wash won't break our roof rack, back up and head to open spot I saw on my way in next to the vacuum. Denied. A car has already slipped into the spot. Leave car wash in dirty car.

Head to Costco. There is Christmas wrapping paper and ribbon on sale already. Am tempted but truck on over to the aisle where the plastic bins usually reside. Usually. There is only one bunch left and they are not what I was looking for. Leave Costco with no bins.

Stop at Bed, Bath, & Beyond and find bins for twice what I would have paid at Costco. Use one of the gazillion coupons I have received from BB&B to save myself $2+. Leave with bins. Finally feel as if I am making some progress.

Hit New Seasons and pick up some cat litter. Drive home.

Go to park near the garage where the hose is so I can wash the car. Denied again. Management company vehicle is blocking my way and nobody is around to bitch at to get them to move it. Proceed to park car in regular parking spot with the understanding that car will probably not get washed or vacuumed today.

Am met at door by abused dog who is unable to understand why we are not spending the entire day at the park.

Decide to take a break. Eat chocolate cookies with peanut butter chips and a tall glass of milk. Need sustenance to attempt to try and get something of value accomplished today.


B. E. Busby said...

Careful with that floor-scrubbing thing. I've heard tell that, muchas washing a car invites rain, floor scrubbing invites water-breakage.


I am not now, nor have I ever been female and/or pregnant. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Your mileage may vary.

christie said...

Here's hoping. I'm tired of having this kid's foot in my ribs.

Cathy said...

Oh gosh. I hate days like that - where you have a ton of things planned an barely get anything done.

Ms. A said...

This list looks suspiciously like the "high-energy frantic nesting" phase.... could things be happening sooner than expected?

And what is it with plastic bins? B and I must have purchased about 20 in the last few weeks. The modern form of "nesting" = storage.

christie said...

I sure hope things are happening soon. As for the storage bins, we just have too much crap and are in no mood to examine it to determine what we should keep and what we should throw out. :)