Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Baby Dancing

So, when the baby gets a little active we like to dance. Groove. Swing. Strut. Tango. We boogaloo till we puke. In this short time we've developed a number of fancy moves, and, I think gentle readers, that it's time to share the wealth.

The most important thing is to grasp your baby securely with one hand supporting the neck and the other under his or her lower back or bum. Keep the baby upright and secure at all times. Any good beat will do; we used "Canned Heat" by jamiroquai.

Now, the moves:
  1. The Shovel: from a level position, swing baby slightly back, with the posterior at a 15 degree angle (see photo at right). Simultaneously start a forward slide, and a swing of the baby forward. Transition the baby so that at the end of your motion the baby has a 15 degree anterior rise. A slight kick (or short arresting motion) towards the end of the swing can add character to the move.
  2. The Fish: start from the level position, and slide or shuffle forward. Swing the baby's posterior laterally with short, balanced motion. Baby should make one complete left right sequence every one-half beat.
  3. The Boat: start from the level position and start dropping the posterior end (baby's not yours) 10 degrees down and 15 degrees towards you, Slide the baby forward while it is at the transverse and then swing the baby up to chest level. At the top of the swing, reverse direction, bringing the baby back across your and chest. Circle the baby down, returning to the starting position.
Henry and I will be working on more moves, suggestions and criticism are encouraged. After a good dance session, your baby should look like this. (Note the 70's power pose.)


Ann said...

Well, I have to comment that since Henry arrived I've seen far more postings from Darren than ever before. :)

Sounds like you're having a good time with the little one.

Darren said...

Yes, we love him! Also, I'm home all day :)

Ann said...

Being home all day...it all makes sense now. :)