Tuesday, October 23, 2007

First Work / First Restaurant / First Shopping

We introduced little Henry to the glories of Bertie Lou's today. Papa had the Ranch Benedict, which is really just a heart attack on a plate, but hey, what's a brother gonna do? Mum had the classic American Breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon (yum!) and potatoes.

After that we headed up to work to introduce the little man around. Christie mentioned on the way out: wow, you work with some really nice people. I said "yep!". C-ya all in a week or so. Or thereabouts. Something in that range. Around that time. C'est possible. He's pretty frickin' cute over here.

After that we headed over to Henny Penny and Hanna Andersson and spent some money. Apparently it's important to introduce your children to to the glories of consumerism as early as possible. So they say.

A big day of firsts for Henry!

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betty said...

Darren -- It's good that Henry is getting an introduction to the lipitor lunch at a young age. I wondered if you were still eating those lunches since you no longer work from home.