Saturday, October 13, 2007

Family gambling

My family is betting on when the Resident Alien will arrive. I had hoped it would be today but, alas, it doesn't look like that is going to happen so I've already lost my $2. Here are the guesses -

13 Oct. - me (a.k.a. mom)
15 Oct. - Darren (a.k.a. dad)
17 Oct. - grandma
18 Oct. - Aunt Amy
19 Oct. - Aunt Megan
20 Oct. - grandpa
25 Oct. - Aunt Laurie
31 Oct. - Uncle Nick (who has requested we name our kid Michael Myers if he is born on Halloween)


Noodle said...

Uncle Nick is cruel to even think you would survive for more than two weeks after your due date. A friend told me so completely lost her mind when her child was 8 days overdue and she seriously started believing she would never give birth. Needless to say she did but still, you wouldn't wish this on anyone!

christie said...

I know. If my friends black cohosh, raspberry leaf tea, and castor oil have any say, things will happen much sooner than the end of the month. :)

Ms. A said...

Try what you will - teas, riding on bumpy roads, eating spicy curry or eggplant parmesean, these critters decide when the time is right. Or noble doctors with their blessed pitocin. (says the woman who is now 12 days late)

Cathy said...

Blessed pitocin? Oh no - pitocin is no good - it gives you some crazy contractions. Of course, after 12 days post-due-date I'm sure those crazy contractions would be very welcome!
I agree with noodle - Uncle Nick is very cruel. My guess is the 23rd - not that you asked.