Friday, October 12, 2007

Tag - It's my turn

I was tagged by Cathy at Mine to tell you five interesting things about moi. Yeah, let's put a disclaimer on this that the items I convey might not actually be interesting, but rather things about me you may not have known...until now.

1. I almost didn't get my degree. When reviewing my transcripts, the folks that determine whether or not you met the requirements for the degree decided not to accept my Geology credits to satisfy the science requirements. An appeal got me nowhere. I had to take an additional class at a local community college during my final semester to get the credits needed in order to graduate.

2. I have to sleep with a blanket or sheet on me, doesn't matter how hot it is in our room. In extreme temperatures, the blanket or sheet will usually end up pushed down to my ankles but at least one body part must be covered in order for me to get to sleep.

3. I once went an entire weekend (Friday night to Monday morning) consuming nothing but Mt. Dew just to see if I could. Yes, this did wreak havoc on my system. I would not recommend trying this.

4. My first cat I meant to name Ruffles but I didn't know how to spell and I ended up naming him Ruffless. (My spelling has since improved.)

5. My left boob is slightly larger than my right. This oddity has become more pronounced since I started growing a human.

So now I'll Noodle (or her mom) and Trina.

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Cathy said...

Fun! Thanks for playing - and the boob thing - a friend at work has that same issue. She hates buying bras because of it.
While nursing I've found that my right boob keeps more milk "on hand" than my left. The right one also never leaks. It was that way with Quinn also - strange, I know, and for some reason I felt like I needed to share that.