Sunday, October 14, 2007

What we're packing

We heard we should pack snacks because hospital food might not meet our culinary needs. What we don't bring with us - for instance, pizza from Blind Onion - we will be able to get later on. Our snacks include the following:
Lu Le Chocolatier
Garden of Eatin' Yellow Corn Chips
Jolly Rancher Hard Candy
Life Savers Wild Berries
Yogurt-covered raisins (bulk from New Seasons)

To distract my mind from the happenings in the hospital room, we're bringing audio/visual stimulation in the form of magazines, music, and t.v. shows. We are still considering whether or not to bring the laptop, which will allow us to watch The Sopranos, 'cause nothing says "Hey, we're giving birth here!" like watching Mr. Gandolfini mafia-style.
US Weekly (so I don't have to think)
Brain, Child (so I can think if I want to)
iPod nano (recently purchased and loaded with music and t.v. shows)

Other essentials for Darr and I:
camera (battery fully charged)
Tylenol (the hospital charges an arm and a leg for these)

And for the Resident Alien:
diaper bag (well, classic messenger bag)
turtle rattle
swaddling blanket
take home outfit with matching hat
burp cloth
car seat


Cathy said...

That's fun.
Not sure if you've heard this yet, but it would be a good idea for Darren to bring home a blanket with the smell of the baby on it for the dog to get used to before you come home. (or whoever is taking care of the dog - if Darren is planning on staying the entire time.)
Also - your hospital charges for tylenol? That's crazy. Our hospital gave us a bunch of swaddling blankets and free pain medication. Well, "free" plus whatever our insurance paid and whatever we paid (I think it was about $300).
Oh - and some hospitals have wireless internet - have you asked about that? That would be a good reason to bring the laptop - but then again - maybe you just want to use all that time to stare at your new Baby.
Good luck!

christie said...

I had heard that and we will be carefully introducing the R.A. to Beauty the wonder dog. My lovely brother has agreed to come and collect our smelly dog to get her out of the house and keep her for probably the first week the baby is home so we have time to adjust to having a kid before trying to deal with having a kid and a needy dog.

Wireless internet at the hospital? Cool!

Megan said...

Another thing I read recently is your own set of jammies. Obviously they'll be giving you the latest in hospital fashion for the birth, but since you won't be discharged the same day it's nice to get into your own comfies to enjoy being a new mom! :)

christie said...

Bought some new pajamas just for the occasion.