Friday, February 15, 2008

Cacao: Where drinking chocolate is possible

I have now been to Cacao twice and am nearly certain - perhaps another venture there is in order to be sure - that drinkable chocolate is a good, nay, fantastically great thing. Happy, melted, drinkable chocolate should be available everywhere. Go to DMV to renew your license - drinkable chocolate. Hit the doctor's office for your annual checkup - how'd you like some drinkable chocolate to go with that pap sm--...wait. OK. Maybe not everywhere.

Monsieur Henry and I met up with Mademoiselle E. B. and Ms. A to nibble on tasty delights and drink chocolate earlier this week. (Wednesday but because I was participating in Wordless Wednesday I couldn't post an entry about it.) Per usual, the babies did a wonderful job of being cute and relatively quiet. This is much appreciated by their parents and the other patrons.

The Product:
Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate. The chocolate lover is presented with myriads of chocolate opportunities at Cacao. Dark chocolate, very dark chocolate, extremely, very dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate, chocolate nibs, chocolates in fancy packaging, chocolate wrapped in wax paper, chocolate in boxes, chocolate for eating, drinking, absorbing by slowly allowing it to melt on the tongue, and chocolates from all over the globe. Have I mentioned there is chocolate? We each got a large cup o' creamy drinking chocolate and then partook of some of the chocolatey goodness of the edible variety. For me, one bacon caramel chocolate, one salted caramel chocolate, and one peanut butter and jelly chocolate. For Ms. A, one salted caramel chocolate, one cheese chocolate, and one Earl Grey chocolate. The bacon and caramel was weird. (I think Darr referred to it as "gross".) The PB & J chocolate was surprisingly refreshing, meaning I liked it and would definitely order it again. And the salted caramel was my favorite. Yum.

The Atmosphere:
Cacao is a little chocolate-filled shop with a few scattered tables providing folks places to sit. Shelves along one side wall and along half the back wall are filled with an assortment of chocolates. Watch for the step just inside the door. We saw a little girl trip and go flying out the door before hitting the ground. Ouch. The drinking chocolate is behind the counter, which displays individual chocolates for sale. The owners appeared to enjoy our little ones - I caught one guy behind the counter smiling at the babies a few times - and also seemed comfortable when we fed them, so I'm tagging Cacao as a breast feeding-friendly establishment. For chocolate cravings, this is the place to go.

(Left to right: Mademoiselle E.B., chocolates, Monsieur Henry)


Cathy said...

(And I haven't even gotten my book yet! We'll start soon...I think it's going to be 3 of us for now...)

Amber said...

Why have I never heard of this place???

Ms. A said...

Other chocolates consumed: Earl Grey- delicately scented with bergamot, pleasant and delicious, and Goat Cheese - topped with a roasted pumpkin seed. Had a slightly unusual tang that paired quite nicely with the bittersweet complexity of the chocolate.

It stands to reason that it's BF-friendly: who else is practically required to eat lots of chocolate but pregnant and/or lactating women.

Susie said...

AAAAAH! I gave up chocolate for Lent...I'll have to come back and read the entirety of this post after Easter.

christie said...

If we need to go there for you to try the drinkable chocolate, then we need to go.

christie said...


That's right. Lent. I wonder if I should give up anything?

A Mom Two Boys said...

OMG, this place sounds SOOOO good.

You had me at "extremely, very dark chocolate." Actually, you had me at "Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate." but the extremely, very dark chocolate made me drool a little. Yum...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!