Saturday, February 16, 2008

Let them eat cake

Once again we hooked up with Ms. A and Mademoiselle E.B. yesterday afternoon to go and sample desserts. The weather was nice enough we were able to meet at the condo and head up stroller-style to Piece of Cake. Yes, Darr and I just happened to move to a neighborhood that has the best cake in Oregon. Coincidence?

Anyway, the kids were adorable in their respective transportation devices, and were equally cute when we got to the bakery and sat down to enjoy our cake. For me, Chantilly cake. For Ms. A, Fantasy cake, part cheesecake, part chocolate cake, for those moments when you really can't decide. The kids were content for the most part to lay on the makeshift play area on the floor that we created by lying down some blankets and toys. Most interesting was the size comparison. Henry definitely has the height advantage. The kids didn't seem overly aware of each other, occasionally glancing in the direction of the other person before returning to play with whatever toy held their interest. In a bold move, E.B. grabbed for Henry's arm and was left clutching his shirt. I went back and found a picture we had taken of the two kids together a little over a month ago. It'll be interesting to track their progress. If that means we have to continue to meet and eat dessert, so be it.
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A Mom Two Boys said...

Can I have your life? Chocolate stores, cake stores? Gah! I'm so jealous!

Ms. A said...

Ms. A to Brian: "Holy crap! Look how much taller Henry is. And holy crap, look how much wider Erin is."

Cathy said...

No kidding. First a chocolate store and now cake!?!

Can you send me your email address (again) so I can send you an invite for the book club blog?