Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Water boy

Henry had his first swim lesson today. It went something like this:

9:45am - Mandatory shower before pool exposure is clearly disliked by baby
9:50am - Sit by side of pool and allow baby to absorb the atmosphere
9:57am - Dip baby's toes in pool then apologize to baby for dipping toes in pool
10:00am - Get in pool and bring baby along for the ride
10:03am - Listen to baby babble to other babies in pool - he is one social creature, this kid
10:07am - Sing London Bridge is Falling Down as walk through water holding baby
10:10am - Learn proper hold for 1-2-3 Swim! game
10:13am - Skim baby over water keeping head above water
10:16am - Hand baby to swim instructor
10:17am - Watch baby's first underwater experience
10:18am - Soothe baby when he is returned to me
10:20am - Cross pool with wiggly baby on his back
10:22am - Sit baby on side of pool for the Humpty Dumpty game
10:25am - Sing Hokey Pokey song and place various baby parts in floating hoop
10:28am - Practice putting baby underwater
10:30am - Hand baby to stranger to get out of pool then apologize to baby for handing him to a stranger
10:31am - Recommended shower after pool exposure is clearly disliked by baby


Cathy said...

swim lessons! I remember taking Q for the first time - I had to dunk him under myself. I supposed I should sign up Liam...

Amber said...

This post and Cathy's comment both solidify in my mind how good first-borns have it! :)