Monday, July 21, 2008

Slow growing

Darr and I were shocked - Shocked, I say! - when we went to the doc's office for Henry's ninth month checkup. Here's why:

Weight: 16.08 lbs / 5%
Height: 28.25 in / 60%
Head Circumference: 17.25 in / 25%

We've been advised to have this kid eating at all hours. Our doc did specify we shouldn't ply him with burgers and fries to get the weight on him, although what's the harm in a few glorious fries, eh? But she did recommend oatmeal more than once a day and yogurt, which I promptly purchased on the way home. I am pleased to report that, despite a wee bit o' spit up, Henry appeared to enjoy the blueberry yogurt and was all over the string cheese. We've been asked to bring him back in a month to ensure the dietary changes are having the desired affect (read: heavier baby).

Henry was quite the charmer, reaching for Doc's hands and face and baby babbling the entire time, including when she was trying to speak to us about his stats. This lead her to proclaim "He's very social! He probably doesn't have any stranger anxiety." He does, of course. We've determined he just likes professional ladies.


Amber said...

Who doesn't like a lady in uniform? :)

And if Henry needs any tips to putting on a few pounds, he's got (at least) a couple of girlfriends who could give him some pointers.

Ms. A said...

Henry's such a friendly fella! Was bacon on the recommended dietary list?

Erin loves string cheese. She also digs the peach flavored greek-style yogurt at Trader Joes.

Amelia's mommy. said...

I second what Amber said about girlfrieds/cousins that could give advice on weight! Amelia had to see Dr. Monka today, normal Dr. was on vacation but Dr. Monka did remember the family by name. Miss Amelia Jane weighs in at a heafty 18.04 pds. and is almost 30 inches long! What happend to our little babies??