Monday, December 08, 2008

17 Days until Christmas

The good news is our family newsletter is done and I had zero problems getting copies printed at Kinko's today. This was a huge improvement over last year. Nearly all Christmas cards are signed, sealed, and ready for delivery. Darr just has to finish writing a little note to his mom and then we're good to go. The Christmas tree is up and decorated - the harmless ornaments placed near the bottom. All but three presents that have been purchased remain unwrapped. (Excluding stuff I bought for my own stocking. Yes, I do that. Darr hates Christmas so I am forced to.) By next Friday I'd like to have the remaining shopping finished up, all presents wrapped, stuff shipped as needed, and an idea of what we'll be making for dinner Christmas Eve.

On a side note, Henry is currently very upset that he is not being attended to. We're going on minute three and he is letting me know in no uncertain terms that my immediate response is expected. Poor kid. I'll give him another two minutes before going in to lie him back down and shush him. When it is SO ABUNDANTLY CLEAR to us parents that the children are tired, how is it that the kids miss the message? Did they not get the memo?


Ms. A said...

Holy mackerel, can you come over and get our holiday-lagging butts into shape?

Yes, yes. The kids need to learn it's OK to sleep. Ms. E had the cry-for-15-seconds-every-3-minutes routine going on from 10 to 1.

Christie said...

Ugh. That sucks.

And, yes, I am available for kicking holiday-lagging butts.