Sunday, January 11, 2009

Naked babies and bourbon cake

We hosted our first dinner of 2009 yesterday when the McMillers and Miss Erin Beatrix joined us for an evening of food, libations, more food, bourbon cake, and wine. It didn't take long for the babies to strip down to their skivvies and run around the condo. I'm happy to report that despite the copious amounts of alcohol consumed, the adults remained fully clothed. This isn't that type of household, folks. (And, really, it wasn't copious - us lightweights didn't even finish the entire bottle of wine.) We ventured outside the norm, pan-frying duck for the main course. Duck, I say! We also tried a new sweet potato recipe and an old favorite, roasted carrots. Mmm... The kids consumed way too many olives but behaved fabulously. Henry was able to teach Miss Erin about climbing on the coffee table, which we allow because we believe in utilizing bad parenting techniques so Henry will have solid examples to bitch about with his future psychiatrist.

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Cathy said...

Great pictures. Looks like fun!