Sunday, March 15, 2009

Baby sprinkle

Yesterday I had the honor of hosting Sara's baby sprinkle for her son, Colin*. It's a smaller version of a baby shower celebrating the arrival of the second, third, fourth, etc., addition to the family. Since most parents tend to get all of the big ticket items - car seat, crib, high chair, etc. - with their first kid, the idea is you sprinkle the expectant mother with gifts for the new one on the way. But really, it just gives you yet another reason to get together with friends and eat cake. Monsieur Ollie* received a wide variety of items, including an Earth Friendly Log Cabin set, an Uglydoll keychain, some handmade burping cloths, a fluffy white bathrobe, a cd of Johnny Cash lullaby renditions, Mustela soap, and lots of super cute clothes. The airplane onesie was particularly awesome as that is what Josh has selected to decorate little Jameson's* room with. During breakfast many of us recounted bits of our birthing processes and I, once again, trumpeted the glories of the epidural. Ah sweet, sweet pain blocker. Anyway, should you see that one glowing pregnant Dutch lady walking in downtown Portland, that's Sara. We all can't wait to welcome her little one to earth. 

Of course there was food...

The menu:
fruit salad (grapes, oranges, strawberries, and blackberries)
spinach and gruyère strata
bacon (because you can't not have bacon, people)
blueberry muffins
orange juice
et le pièce de résistanceChantilly cake from Piece of Cake

And there were pictures...

*Baby Steenhuis-Bickel is currently untitled. This name is not known to currently be on the list of potential baby names held by either mom or dad.

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Noodle said...

Thanks again for hosting my super sprinkle! The food rocked and getting gifts is fun. Alexandra has been walking around with 'her' jellycat baby duck all day. She may relinquish it at a later date or this may be hers from now on...
Anyway, I had a great time & everything was much appreciated!