Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Bath time photography fun

While Huck initially protested, he had an awesome time in the tub tonight. And I was able to nab some shots for today's photography practice. Because the room is so well lit I started with ISO at 800 instead of 1600, which is my go-to indoors ISO setting in winter. I thought this was a good choice. But I've been reading up on ISO settings and it looks like some of the graininess that I'm getting - that I'm unhappy about - is a direct result of the ISO setting I'm selecting. How so, you ask? Graininess is usually associated with fast film, and 800 is the second fastest ISO setting I have on my camera (1600 being the fastest option). But, using 800 or 1600 allows me the option, when used in low light situations, to use a faster shutter speed. This is definitely required when shooting Bean. But, the bathroom isn't what I would consider low light even though it is indoors. So, my next photography practice session will be to bump the ISO down to 400, open up the aperture (to f/1.4) and slow down the shutter speed a touch. We'll see if that produces sharper images. Maybe I can offer Henry a nip of some Scotch beforehand so his movements will be slower and therefore less likely to blur.† On another note, even without the flash and adjusting the white balance to Tungsten for the incandescent light bulbs, it still required a bump down on the temperature scale to get the yellow tint mostly gone.
Shutter 1/125 Aperture f/1.4 ISO 800 Tungsten*

*Same setting used for all pics.
†Kidding. We only give Bean alcohol when he's having trouble sleeping.


Darren said...

Wow, sweetie. Good job!

Marianne Soga said...

These are great! My tub shots never turn out the way I'd like for lighting reasons. I'll have to bookmark this!

lisaschaos said...

Too cute! He looks like a boy who loves his bath, funny that it was hard to get him in. :)

Muthering Heights said...

Those are great photos!