Wednesday, November 18, 2009

We need to talk about Facebook abuse


Megan said...

You know, while I find this video amusing, it feels like the angry-ranting-against-FB videos are so derivative that it is actually those people who are the lame ones, not the FB pokers. The first video making fun of Facebook (the one with the British guy who shows up at a grade school friend's house and said they sat next to each other in "maths" ... ah, those odd Brit pronunciations) was hilarious. Each one after that becomes a little sadder.

That said, please don't poke me. It confuses me.

Time to update my status: "Megan is on her high horse about FB parody videos."

B. E. Busby said...

Sorry for the semi-orthogonal post, but this is the first work-related (kind-of) post I've seen in a bit. Betty and I were at HC Dumpling and she ran into a "group lunch" of Darren's old crowd including a Doug, a Miyuki and a Chantall (and somebody who had Chihuahuas). Interesting in that I managed to remember "Bridgewater" before she did (what value does one place on an other half who actually friggin' LISTENS to work stories?).

Anyway, since Doug pointed out their paucity of upside-inducements, I though of this fine chart:

And that, dear readers, almost makes this relevant.

N.B.: I used Corel's Paint Shop Pro to diddle the weemur's picture (that's not a good word, considering current prosecution practice, but I trust you know what I mean and intend).

Notably, this product is NOT available on the MAC (evil Monkey-boy laughter here)....