Sunday, November 22, 2009

Cousin Amels

Pics from tonight weren't great so I went back a few days and found some shots of Miss Amels, who visited us with her mom Megan last Thursday. Amelia was very taken with one of the attachments to our vacuum that happened to be lying around. Gazillions of real toys all around her and that's what she goes for. Isn't that just like a kid? Some days I do question why we even bother buying toys for them at all.
Shutter 1/125 Aperture f/1.8 ISO 800

Shutter 1/125 Aperture f/1.8 ISO 400

Shutter 1/125 Aperture f/1.8 ISO 400

But I don't want to be lax with the photography notes so I'm going to brag that tonight, while prepping an area for our photo shoot, it only took me four - FOUR, people! - shots to get the correct settings to achieve the lighting I wanted. My settings started at 1/100 and f/2.2 with an ISO of 1600, and ended at 1/60 and f/1.4 with an ISO of 800. So I don't forget what this means, I'll explain. I slowed down the shutter speed, opened up the aperture, and decreased the image sensor's sensitivity to light (ISO). I would have gotten more light in going with a higher ISO but I'm trying to learn to work with lower ISO settings to lessen the noise I get in the pictures when shooting in low light situations. It all turned out to be for naught because Henry ended up running out of our room to play in his own.
Shutter 1/50 Aperture f/1.4 ISO 800 Tungsten


Dr. A said...

That second picture is amazing. Great color, and what a wonderful expression! I love how her face is sharp but her hair creates a halo.

And yes, non-toy toys are the best.

Miss Amelia Jane. said...

A halo? A nice compliment, but obviously not a lot of stories have circulated about this child. I can say this, being her mom!

Christie-you've said it before and I'll say it again. Damn those are cute kids :)

Amber said...

Miss Amels is just gorgeous! Don't get me wrong, Henry is too, of course... but I don't see pics of her as much and she's just as cute as a button.

On a slightly unrelated note, last night I took out the camera and changed the settings based on the weird lighting and got it right ON THE FIRST TRY. Huge for me. Total luck of the draw, but still a big deal! I'm looking forward to summer when it should be a lot easier to get decent pictures.