Monday, November 23, 2009

Take the point-and-shoot

Henry greeting the bear at the park.

Henry pointing out the bear's boogers.
Today's photography is going to be short and sweet because besides getting a new lens cap to replace the one I lost at Disneyland, I didn't touch that camera all day. Instead, I used our old Canon Elph PowerShot to grab a few shots of Henry this morning. The semi-crappy morning weather became awesome weather by lunch so we headed down to Waterfront Park with Avery and Megan after nabbing some crêpes at food carts up the street. The Canadian geese didn't seem at all bothered by the children. My guess is they totally knew who'd win in a battle between goose and toddler. Henry had fun chasing the birds and Avery had fun chasing after Henry. They both enjoyed playing with sticks and nobody got hurt because Megan taught them sticks can hit the ground but, really, not much else.

As an aside, Henry is great at trying new foods. Besides the banana and Nutella crêpe he enjoyed this afternoon, he also tried beets for dinner. Beets, people.


Darren said...

And he loved 'em!

Darren said...

And he loved 'em!

Dr. A said...

Mmmmm... beets. Can Henry come over and teach Erin that vegetables are edible?

Elizabeth Prata said...

what a good kid. Even I won't touch beets.