Monday, November 30, 2009

Final day of NaBloPoMo

I took off the 50mm portrait lens the other day and have been using this 18-200mm bad boy instead. And something strange happened today at the zoo. While Amber was capturing great shots of the kids, I was getting shots of a ghost.
Shutter 1.1 Aperture f/3.5 ISO 100 18mm

Shutter 1.8 Aperture f/4.8 ISO 100 52mm

Amber was kind enough to inform me that the aperture would change when using the telephoto lens, which explains why I couldn't get the sucker to open to the max f/3.5 when I was trying to get a super close shot. So that meant my shutter speed had to slow the fuck down to let in enough light to catch Ghost Huck on digital media. Chalk that up as another 'Doh.' moment for me. The assignment I'm giving myself for next month is to continue using both lenses so I learn what tricks to employ with each one. I think I'm nearly ready to let go of the idea of getting a better (i.e., more expensive and with lots of bells and whistles) camera, preferring to get another lens instead. Fisheye, anyone?

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Amber said...

Ooh, a fisheye would be awesome. And there's something to be said for the cool ghost pictures. I have lots of those of Cayden and it's perfect because that's exactly how I will remember his entire childhood: a constant blur of motion. :)