Monday, November 30, 2009

Left behind

Someone recently told me about the little boy who was separated from his dad upon exiting a train but I didn't know that happened here in Portland. The reporter says it best when she mentions the dad "freaking out" as the train pulled away. I would have done the same. Many props to the lady who stayed with the child at that stop until the boy's father returned.

In similar news, just a few weeks ago I saw a baby in a stroller roll off a platform. The 6-month old boy was then run over by a train. Miraculously, the baby just got a cut on the head.


Miss Amelia Jane. said...

Additional note. The MAX guy that left the kid behind has since been fired. Good riddance.

MissMVK said...

So my brother works at Tri-Met and he said the train operator was fired because...get this - he HEARD the emergency stop / open door call all three times but ignored them! What?! Too bad since he had been with Tri-Met for many years. I can hardly look at the stroller video because I swear I stop breathing.

Amber said...

From what I heard, every time the emergency button was pushed, the driver had to override it. According to a Tri-Met spokesperson, those buttons are pushed ALL THE TIME for no real reason and when the driver saw the child with a woman outside (whom he assumed the mother), he didn't see any need to open the door. Two understandable points, but they warrant the question: what in the hell is the emergency button for if the driver doesn't pay attention to it if things "look" okay? Frustrating for sure, and that video gives me chills every time. I love when the dad comes back on the next train and gives the woman a big hug. Gets me all teary-eyed.